Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zpagetti Anyone?

No, I didn't spell that wrong... the word is Zpagetti... as in Zpagetti yarn.

I have been wanting to try this yarn for ages, but have never seen it in any of the craft stores that I frequent (and that includes Jo-Anns, Hobby Lobby and Michael's). I happened to need something the other day from a local craft supplies shop here in my small town and lo and behold, they had stocked it! This yarn isn't cheap (it was $10.64) but then again, it isn't really yarn. It is more like T-shirt material.

I made up a basket with it:

This took me no time at all to make. I used a "Q" hook, but I think I will go down a few hook sizes for the next one I make and see if I like that better. Plus I would like to add some handles to it. 

I did not find this hard to work with at all. I have seen reviews of it where people complain about how it is hard on your hands and shoulders, but I did not find that to be the case. That may change when I use a smaller hook - I will let you know.

Have any of you used this yarn before? How did you like it, and what did you make with it? I would love to hear :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yummy New Yarn

I ordered some Comfy Worsted from Knit Picks to make up a few baby hats with a new pattern I found. Stay tuned!