Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Stuff

Happy Friday all... hope you're having a great Friday to start off the weekend right.

I set up the sewing machine last night and actually managed to thread the bobbin and top threader correctly (thank heavens for the DVD!). I just did some practice stitches and so far, so good. Thought I'd share my little sewing corner with you:
I have it set up in the computer room/den for now. Am trying to talk hubby into letting me have this as my craft room.. I'm sure eventually it will become mine once all of my stuff starts making its way in... ha ha!
What's that? You spied that fabric on the table and want to see it up close? Okay, here ya go:

I know, the skull print doesn't match the rest! My sister is going through a phase where she is in love with anything skulls, so I bought that with her in mind. Here is what I am going to attempt with all this lovely material:

The best part about this pattern? The part that says "Yes, it's Easy!!"  It looks like a fairly straightforward pattern that even I could handle. I am itching to get started.  I must say thank you to Molly for the link to some great sewing patterns for beginners. I may take you up on your offer of help, so be forewarned.. LOL.
Oh, here is the progress I have made on Dad's lapghan:

Several of you have commented that you really like this yarn, and I must tell you that I am really enjoying working with it.
Must go for now, hubby is wanting to go run errands. Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My New Toy

I finally purchased something I have been wanting for awhile, and here it is:

Yep, I bought myself a sewing machine. I actually got a machine and lots of thread/supplies from my Aunt awhile back, but the machine was quite old and did not work. Rather than putting the $$$ into fixing it, I decided that for the same $$$ I could buy a new one. Purchased this one at Wally World for around $80.  Actually, earlier this week I went and bought one that was on sale at Tar-Jay (don't you love my names for these stores??!!) for $69, but after getting it home I started reading the reviews on it and they were terrible! So I took it back and got this one instead (note to self: read reviews FIRST next time ... duh!)

This one comes with an instructional DVD, so I am going to start there. I have not sewn since home economics class waaaaaaay back when, so I am thinking I might take a class or two at Jo-Anns to refresh my memory. If any of you can direct me to some good beginner sewing sites/patterns/blogs it would be much appreciated.

On the crochet front, here is the lapghan I started making for my Dad:

My Mom picked out the yarn to match the colors in her house, it is Paton's Decor and is called Sand and Sea. Very pretty and very soft. I am using this pattern for this one; it is very similar to the big granny square pattern I usually use.

Okay, what is up with adding photos with Blogger? Yesterday it was a whole different way, and now today it is back to the old way.... hmmmmm. Strange.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Floral Display

I had to share photos with you today of a beautiful vine that is growing outside our front door. It is called a trumpet vine and has started blooming its purple flowers.

It is right outside the window where I have my computer desk, so I get to enjoy it often. My talented hubby built the trellis that the vine is growing on.

Seems like everything is starting to bloom here (my allergies can attest to that!) and the desert is alive with color. Okay, how about a couple more floral displays:

Hope you enjoyed that trip around my yard!

 I started a new afghan yesterday, forgot that I promised my Mom I would make one for my Dad. Seems he is always cold, so she asked me to make him something to put over him while he watches T.V. I am just using my big granny square pattern again, had forgotten how much I liked that one. So the hexagons will have to wait for another day. Oh, and I got a new "toy" yesterday that I will share with you later in the week. Have a great Hump Day all!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Ta-Dah

I finished another quick project last night. Remember I made the pin cushion that I sewed by hand? Well, Pammy shared with me a great pattern for a crocheted pin cushion that I absolutely fell in love with and HAD to make! Thanks again Pammy :) It is very similar to the other pattern, as you start out by making two circles and then join them together:
Leave a small opening so that you can stuff with fiberfill, then crochet it closed. It will then look like this:

Next, do that thingy with the yarn so that it looks like a flower, add a button, and you're done!

Oops, forgot... need to add some pins:

There... now it's complete.
The pattern did not give a hook size, so I used an "F" hook; next time I might go a little smaller. Mine came out kind of big, so I think next time I also might cut it back to 60 stitches, rather than the 72 called for in the pattern. I used a new yarn I had never tried before, Bernat Satin, and it was nice to work with and came in some really pretty colors (I found it at Jo-Ann's).
Now on to the next project...... hmmm, what shall it be? So many choices, but I think it might be hexagon in shape! Stay tuned.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Hello

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was good; the baby shower was a lot of fun, and the Mama-To-Be really liked the baby blanket. Just doing laundry and cleaning today, nothing very exciting. Started on a new crochet project, will show it to you tomorrow.

I got this in an e-mail and thought it was funny, so am passing it along:

With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy!

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think,
Good grief, look how smart I am!

Must be where 'Smart Ass' came from!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Ta-Dah

I finished the Round Ripple Baby Blanket... yay!  It actually went quite fast once the pattern was established. It still needs blocked and I have to weave in all the ends:

It's not the traditional type of baby blanket, so I sure hope she likes it! I am also going to give her a fleece blanket that I did a crochet edging on:

So glad to have these blankets finished, now I can start on some projects I have been wanting to do. I have so many things on my to-crochet list and I can't wait to get to some of them.
My in-laws are coming to stay the weekend with us, so I probably won't be able to post again until Monday. Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend .... Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Tried....

I was going to update you on the status of the baby blanket, but as I went to grab the camera, someone grabbed my chair:

That's our youngest, and only female cat, Mollie Elizabeth. Yes, she has a first and middle name! The blanket is coming along, slow but sure. We have some errands to run this afternoon, but I will work on it more tonight .... if Mollie will let me have it that is!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Getting There!

I am plodding along on the round ripple baby blanket.... decided to do it in blue and white and alternate the colors.
Hope to get  much further along tonite while watching American Idol and Glee!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Ta-Dah!

The baby blanket is finally finished.... yay! I took Vaughnde and Karin's suggestions and did a reverse single crochet border. First I did one row of SC, then a row of DC, then a row of the reverse single crochet. I really like how it turned out. Thanks for the help ladies!  Here it is:

I've now started on the second blanket I have to finish (by this Saturday no less!!) It is the round baby ripple and so far I am liking it:

This is only 5 rounds in, I have lots more to go, so I better get busy. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Project Part II - Flip Flops

I did not get a chance to post this yesterday, so you'll have to get a Saturday post on Sunday! I went all out on my flip flops:
I did not have any buttons that matched, so just stitched up a flower instead. In my button stash I found these pink hearts that came in a package of buttons but weren't actually buttons, so I just glued them on for a touch of glitz.

I'm going out to Target in a bit, think I'll wear them and see if I get any comments.  :)

If any of you make the pincushion, please let me know, I'd love to see them. Pammy from Scotty's Place told me about a beautiful crocheted pincushion pattern on Ravelry, so I am going to try that one next. Ya'all are such an inspiration to me, thanks so much! Happy Sunday all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Projects - Pincushion

Beansie inspired me the other day with her post about flip flops and pincushions, so this morning I decided to try making a pincushion. Caveat - I am not much of a seamstress, and do not have a sewing machine, so read on at your own risk!!

I did not have any denim, but I did have some fabric remnants I could use. First, gather all of your supplies you will need:
Then cut out your circles of fabric, using a CD as a template:
Next, pin two circles together (pretty sides together) and start sewing (I did mine by hand, but of course a sewing machine would make this step go alot faster).

Be sure to leave about a 3" opening for stuffing. Now turn the fabric right side out, it should look like this:

Next, stuff that baby full of fiberfill! When you think you've stuffed it full, stuff some more. I probably could have used even more in mine. Hint: my bag of fiberfill came with a nifty stuffing tool. If yours didn't, you could always use a chopstick to make sure you get the fiberfill in real good.
Now sew the opening closed. For the next step, I won't repeat the instructions, just go here for instructions on how to make it look like a flower using embroidery thread. I then added buttons in the middle and ta-dah:
And here it is with some pins in it:

For my first attempt, it doesn't look half bad! You can see I cut out extra circles - think I will make one for my sister-in-law who is an excellent seamstress.

Next up are the crocheted flip flops. Will post those later. Have a very happy Saturday everyone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Says the Desert Can't be Beautiful?

Take a look at this gorgeous flower:
Isn't it just beautiful? Now, check out what it actually is:

That's right, it's a cactus! We saw this at the plant nursery today and could not resist... it is just amazing! It only blooms for one day, so you have to enjoy it while you can. This is one I know will survive the hot Arizona summers... can't wait to plant it so that we can get these beautiful flowers again next year.
The baby blanket is almost done:

I am on my third skein of yarn, so I think after I finish it I will be done. I am trying to decide what kind of edging to put on it... since it's for a boy, I don't want to do shells or anything too "girly." Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Stuff Update

The 16 Bean Soup turned out delicious! I think adding the ham to it really gave it lots more flavor. Will have some for lunch tomorrow and think I will make cornbread to go with it.
We got a new vehicle also and it was fairly painless... we always buy new, but decided to buy a used one this time. Got a really good deal on one with low miles and several years still left on the warranty, plus they gave us a good price on our trade-in. So all in all it was a good day!

New Stuff Today

I am trying a new recipe today from the Crockpot 365 blog. It is called 16 Bean soup and uses one of those bags of assorted beans (although mine was 15 bean, not 16!). I had some ham leftover from Easter, so I threw the hambone in it to give it more flavor:
I'll let you know how it turns out. Hubby and I are also going today to look at buying a different car... he commutes for work and is on the road over 2 hours a day, so we are thinking of buying something more economical. Buying a car is right up there with going to the dentist for me... I hate it!  Let's hope all goes well.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Hubby and I did some planting this weekend, so I'm going to share the loveliness with you.  Sure hope they all survive... some can take the hot Arizona sun, some can't, so around here you just plant what you like and hope for the best! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Won...and a New Blanket

I entered a give-a-way over on Birchberry Farms and found out last week that I won! I received some of her Sweet Annie lotion and a bar of Rosemary soap.
They both smell awesome! Thank you so much Renee.

This weekend I frogged the baby blanket I told you about... just decided there was no salvaging it, so I started over. I am now using a pattern that I did when I first learned to crochet, it is called Lisa's Granny Square and can be found here.  Rather than making squares, I make one big blanket; it works up fast and is a really easy pattern. Here's what I've gotten done so far:

It's kind of hard to see the pattern with the variegated yarn, but it is working up quite nicely. 

I hope everyone had a nice weekend... the weather here was absolutely gorgeous, hubby and I planted some flowers yesterday. I'll take pictures later today so you can see them.  Enjoy your Monday!