Friday, August 20, 2010

Response to Yesterday's Post

I received an e-mail from Sarah London regarding yesterday's post. How she got wind of a post on my lowly little blog is beyond me... in any case, she stated that "Every one who either left a comment or emailed privately and stated which pattern they would like received a pattern. Perhaps as with Kate you did not state which pattern you would have liked??

I wrote her back and included the content of my original e-mail to her, which clearly stated that I would like the Ethel pattern. I also told her that based on the comments to my post, I wasn't the only one who did not receive their pattern, and that it was kind of disappointing. Have not heard back from her since.


  1. That is unusual. Maybe she has received so many emails that they are just behind in sending the pattern. I hope you get Ethel!

  2. If she has a google alert on her name, that's probably how she found you. I'm an article writer online and people often steal content, so Google Alerts is a good tool. In fact, I just wrote an article about it recently.

    I have a crochet blog, but I posted on my writing blog about google alerts here:

    Glad she found you and you're getting your pattern!


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