Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I am finally starting to feel better .... I'm not 100% yet, but am slowly starting to get back to normal.

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend; it is still undecorated, but at least it is up!
I'm kind of liking it just the way it is ... and I'm worried that once I put ornaments on it, the kittens will become more interested in it than they already are. So this year my tree may just stay un-decorated!

Speaking of kittens, Sammi has decided that she really likes my new tree skirt:

Here are some pics of some more of our decorations:

Cute chair covers found at Dollar Tree.

I sewed up this table topper for my dining room table.

A cute little snowman that I crocheted last Christmas.

Every family member, pets included, has a stocking.

Hope everyone has a great week and if you're under the weather, get to feeling better soon!


  1. Glad to see you're feeling better. Your decorations look nice. :)

  2. ..i believe that your tiger/cat will love your ornaments!!!.I'm happy you feel better,bye!.

  3. Glad that you're feeling better. Hope its 100% shortly. Won't be surprised to see the kitties up in the tree! Love their little stockings.

  4. I love the way you have your blog:)) your home is looking very festive and happy...
    How wonderful you are feeling a little better:)
    Love your stockings from big to small :))

  5. Glad too you are feeling better, your decorations are all lovely and the cats are all contented.


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