Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's 2012 Already? And some News.

Wow, where did 2011 go? Is it just me, or does it seem like the older you get, the faster the years fly by?

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's.

My posting may be even more sporadic, as we have added a new addition to our household:

It is this sweet little Malti-Poo puppy! We named her Bailey Lulubelle, but we are just calling her Lulu, as it seems to fit her.

I must be crazy, as I am 50 years old and have never, ever had a dog and am starting out with a little puppy! Plus we have decided to litter box train her, as where we live we have no grass to speak of; our yard is rock, dirt and stickers. I am feeling so bad about keeping her caged up, but I know it is what we have to do until she figures out what to do. Today we set up a puppy playpen area for her so at least she has a little bit more room. The tile floor that is exposed is covered with pee pee pads, and we are hoping she gets the hang of it. Once she figures out that it is okay to go on the pads, we want to transition her to a box.

Any words of encouragement, advice or comfort would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. Awww she's adorable! A friend uses the pads for her dogs and they all use them great. A Litter Box? Hmmm let me know how that works out.

  2. How cute! Just want to pick her up and hug her!

  3. What a sweetie! She'll do fine and you will be over the moon in love for her. Take her to the pads every hour, she'll all of a sudden get it. Looking forward to more pics of her! Happy New Year, blessings galore!

  4. Oh my gosh! Lulu is SO CUTE!! Congratulations! New puppies are so much work, but just hang in there. I promise you will receive 100 fold back what you give! I have never had trouble pad-training a dog. They seem to get it more quickly than having to ask outside. Patience, patience, patience. That's my advice! I can't believe you've never had a dog. I cannot imagine that.

  5. Hi Sandy, I recently discovered your blog - I love it. You posted about a crochet hat and flowers on september 26,2011. I would love to make this for my twin grand kids. Could you tell me where I can find the hat and flowers pattern. Thanks so much.
    My email is


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