Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

I am cleaning house today, but am taking a break and decided to write a post.

Miss Lulu did not win in the Cutest Dog category of the Pet Idol contest in our local newspaper :(  Oh well, she will always be our cutest dog. We just love her so much... she has so much spunk and personality. She goes in next week to get spayed and have her microchip put in at the same time. I gave her a bath yesterday; she was not a happy camper, but she always looks (and smells!) so much better after I bathe her.

This weekend Mr. S. and I were at Lowe's plant shopping and you will never believe what we saw:

Up in the rafters of the garden center sat a Great Horned Owl! Across the way on top of some pallets were 3 baby owls too! Unfortunately my picture of them did not come out :(  They were so cute, though, all gray and fluffy.

Then the other day, Mr. S. had left to go to his evening class and called me and told me to look outside. This is what was in our front yard:

A herd of 10 deer passed right through our neighborhood. It was so awesome! That is one of the reasons I love living where we do, you never know what you will see.

I am still working on that baby blanket I posted about (faux knit one). Unfortunately my right arm has been really sore the last few days, so I have not been able to do as much crafting as I would like. Not sure if I pulled something or what. I finally decided that I had to clean my messy house today, sore arm or not!

Well, best get back to my cleaning. If I have time I need to grocery shop too. Have a great day.


  1. I loved the picture of the deer. I bet it was fun to see them live and in-person! Very cool. That owl was pretty neat too.

    Take care of that arm. I hate when that happens and I can't crochet, but rest is best!

  2. My goodness, you certainly have some wonderful sights in your area. Must have been breathtaking to look out and see that herd. Sorry to hear about your arm, gotta get that better so you can get that hook going. Have a lovely evening.


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