Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy Halloween Decorating

I made these the other day and thought I would share the project, as it is fast, easy and cheap to do!

If you've got old jars and some tissue paper, you can make these. The only other things you'll need are green paint, a glue stick and some Mod Podge, all found at any craft store.

For the black Trick or Treat ones, I simply cut out the tissue paper to fit around my jar and glued it on with a glue stick. I then added 2 layers of glossy Mod Podge on top and that was it.

For the pumpkin, I cut out small strips of the orange tissue paper. Working in small sections, I added Mod Podge to the outside of the jar, then laid down a piece of the tissue paper. Continue mod podging and adding strips until you've gone all the way around the jar (overlap each piece a little too, it gives it a nicer look I think). While that is drying, cut out the pieces for the face ... I actually found these on line and just printed them and cut them out. Once your jar is dry, use your glue stick to add the eyes, nose and mouth. I then painted the rim of the jar with some green paint - I did several layers. After the paint dried, I added a layer or two of Mod Podge and was finished!  Add some tealights (or in my case, fake tealights from the dollar store) and you have an easy Halloween decoration that can be used inside or out. Mine are on my dining room table, but I think I will put them outside on Halloween night.

By the way, I found the cute Trick or Treat tissue paper at my local Hallmark store. Happy Halloween Decorating!


  1. This is cute...I love to recycle and I always keep my glass jars from jams or candles. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Great idea! I luv mine! Thanks so much for sharing with you SIL! It brought festiveness to my desk at work!

  3. Those are so cute!! You spend so much time thinking of neat things to make and I sit here like a knot on a log. Can I come live with you???? Okay, I'll bring my own homemade cookies. HaHa See ya later


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