Monday, March 14, 2011

Afghan is Finished

I finally finished the Aligned Shells afghan that I was working on:

I love this pattern, because it is one of those "no-brainers" you can do while watching television. All I did for the border was several rounds of single crochet.

I've gotten quite a few projects done lately, but most of them are sewing projects. My SIL Beth was here for a little over a week and we sure got a lot done. Thanks to her guidance and help, I feel much more confident in my sewing now.

We did work on a few crochet-related items, but I'm saving them for my next giveaway!  Stay tuned, because you never know when I will spring a giveaway on you!


  1. I love the colors and pattern of that blanket! I am starting a sewing class next Monday... I can't wait! I am very insecure about sewing.....

  2. Sandy, it came out beautiful! I think I have seenthe pattern and after my current new to do project (lol) this one will be next. I especially like the variegated yarn. Have a lovely day.

  3. It's very pretty - love the colors. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Sandy!! BEAUTIFUL work, and I LOVE the colors! ~tina

  5. Beautiful! I often crochet while watching tv because I get so little down time to do either one. Love the mindless patterns that I can do without thinking about them.

  6. It turned out really cute...the border really finished off beautifully...

  7. Hi!

    Love that afghan! where did you get the pattern
    for it? :-)

  8. Susan, if you let me know your email address I can send you the pattern. I went to your blog but could not find an e-mail address for you. :)


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