Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Greetings

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We got SNOW here in Tucson, believe it or not! Woke up Sunday morning to snow on the ground, but it soon melted away. It was sure nice to see it while it lasted, as it is a rarity in these parts.

I can't believe it is already the last day of February - is it just me, or does time seem to just be flying by this year?

I've been busy working on projects, as usual.  :)  I made my first no-sew fleece blanket over the weekend. If you've never made one of these, they are very easy to do, just time-consuming.  Here's a glimpse of the process:

You lay two pieces of fleece wrong sides together (I have a floral and a solid), preferably on a table or other large work surface. Cut out a 4 inch square from each corner. Then you start cutting 1 inch strips up to the 4 inch mark you cut.. do this on all 4 sides of the blanket.

Then you start tying knots, using a strand from each fabric. Do this all the way around.  Here is the finished front:

And back:

I'm going to be donating this one to the local child crisis center, along with this taggie blanket I made this weekend:

You can buy "kits" at Jo-Anns of these fleece blankets ... in fact, my local store had them 50% off yesterday, so I'll be making one for me and one for my SIL Becky.

I may not be posting much more this week, as we will be having company visiting. My other SIL is coming to stay with us for the week and she is a very talented sewist and quilter. I can't wait to have her help me on some projects that need done. I'm hoping she can get me started quilting too.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Hi Sandy! Both blankets you made are adorable! I've always wanted to try making one of those no sew blankets, but just haven't had an occasion to yet. I just LOVE those pinks! Nice work! ~tina

  2. Sandy, the blankets are beautiful. What a nice thing you are doing in making a donation.


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