Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am Totally in Love...

with this blanket:

It is called "Ruffles and Dots" and is made with a bobble stitch. Isn't it fantastic?? I found it at Rachel's blog here.

I am definitely going to be making one (or more) of these as a baby gift.

You should definitely check out Rachel's blog... she crochets and sews (my two favorite things), has an adorable baby boy, and I love her haircut!!

Right now she is doing a CAL featuring a really cute cowl pattern from Lion Brand... go check it out.


  1. Its so cute Sandy!!Thanks for the link!!

  2. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah...I love it too! That ruffle edging goes perfectly with it. VERY nice. Can I make one too? Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. You are too sweet! Thanks for sharing the blanket :-) You'll love making it--it's so simple and quick, and always comes out cute. I've made 3 or 4 of them now, and am busy working on another (this one's in yellow--I've only made it in green up until now, and I'm really liking how it looks in yellow!). Thanks for all your kind words--made my day! :-)

  4. OH, that IS really cute. Thanks for the link. I love the bobbles and the ruffles together idea. Thanks!

  5. I am totally in love with that blanket too! So much so that I am working on a bobble blanket presently. That ruffled edging is too cute! Annette


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