Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday already?

I can't believe it is Thursday already... I had so much I wanted to accomplish this week and did not get half of it done.

And is it really almost October? I think it's true that the older you get, the faster time flies!  I am looking forward to cooler weather though. I have started decorating the house for Halloween already. Mr. S. and I have been sorting through the garage trying to get it organized and I came across my decorations, so decided to put them up. The house really needs cleaned, but I just don't feel like doing it :( 

I've been doing a little crafting and a little crocheting.. I finished my cowl for the CAL I've been doing, just need to sew the ends together and then I will share pictures with you. It is a really easy pattern, I am thinking I will make up a couple more for Christmas gifts. It's one of those "mindless" kind of patterns that after you get it down, you don't need the directions anymore. It's probably too late to join the CAL, but more information can be found here if you are interested in the pattern.

Tonight I am making my Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner (I posted about it here).  It is one of my go-to recipes because you really just throw everything together in a pot and that is it - easy peasy!

Here is another hat I crocheted:

I love the pink and yellow combo, think it looks so pretty together.

I need to finish up a baby quilt but have been dragging my feet about it .... not really sure why. I got all of the fabric cut, I just need to sew it all together.

Here are the craft projects I did this week:

I'm really into candy corn right now for some reason, so I sewed up these cute little stuffed ones and put them in a basket.

This is a pumpkin I made out of twine. It was a very messy project where you blow up a balloon, get the twine wet with glue and stick it all over the balloon.  Once it dries you pop the balloon and then form the pumpkin shape. I put some orange lights inside, and added cinnamon sticks as the stem, some moss and a raffia bow.

That's about it for now - hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Looks like you got a lot done to me! I'm off to go check out your chicken tortilla soup recipe.

  2. Lovely projects, Sandy! Your work is so colourful and fresh :)
    Thanks for dropping in at my blog:)


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