Friday, October 7, 2011

CAL Cowl Finished

Here is my completed cowl:

I did not make it as long as the pattern called for, but the next one I think I might. That way I can wrap it around my head twice and it will keep my neck and ears warm! I might gift this one to my Mom, as blue is her favorite color.

The yarn I used was Lion Brand Jiffy Quick & Easy Mohair Look Yarn in Heather Blue and I used an "M" hook.


  1. Very pretty! I really like the blue! I want to make one for a friend of mine. She has a mohawk and her neck gets cold in the winter. I think a cowl would work good for her.

  2. Beautiful work! I love that color--so rich. Thanks so much for participating! Even though you missed out on the linkup, I'd be happy to send you a pattern anyway . . . you can request it at this post: (just leave the link number space blank). Beautiful job!

  3. i love this, I made a gray one before and I loved it. You will love yours!


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