Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm So Excited!!

I can't believe it... I really can't believe it. This is something I have been hoping and praying and dreaming about for years..... YEARS I tell you.

And my wish is finally coming true.... they are putting in a Hobby Lobby close to me!!! Yippeeeeeeee! Can you tell I am beyond thrilled??!! Even though it will be an hour and a half away, that is still close, as the nearest one I have been able to go to is over 4 hours away. So an hour and a half will be a piece of cake!

Oh Hobby Lobby, I am going to buy your ILTY in every color there is. I can't wait to peruse your yarn aisles to see what other lovelies you have in store for me.

And the fabrics... oh, the fabrics. Reasonable prices, yet such great quality. I hate to say it, but your fabrics put Jo-Anns to shame.

Over 60,000 fabulous items for me to browse. Oh my.

You want to know the funniest part? A couple of years ago I e-mailed Hobby Lobby begging nicely asking them to put in a store and I mentioned the PERFECT location... a Mervyn's store that had closed on my (then) side of town. And wouldn't you know it, that is EXACTLY where the new store is going to be. Hey, I should get something for suggesting it, don't you think??

Anyway, I just had to share that with you. I am sooooooo happy!


  1. Whoa, down girl! LOL you better start putting away packets full of money ;)

  2. Yea! I don't know what I'd do without a Hobby Lobby near by! Congrats. I hope they open soon for you. Just think of all the Christmas crap! LOL. ILTY, here you come!

  3. I know how you feel ... a Hobby Lobby came in close to us about a year ago. Its a wonderful place, such great yarns and thread. By the way, your last post ... what beautiful pieces you have made. I love the onesie with the ruffles. What amazing gifts. There are going to be some very pleased and thrilled people!

  4. That is wonderful!

    Coming from someone here who use to live in BFE herself, I totally understand why you are so thrilled at something coming nearby.

    Fingers crossed it will be built sooner than expected, too.

    Blessings always


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