Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Patti's Winnings... and Curveballs

Awhile back I had a giveaway, and Patti L. was the lucky winner. She received her package from me (so sorry it took so long Patti) so now I can share with you everything that was included.

The original giveaway included these items:

I added a few more things that I made myself. Patti told me her favorite color was yellow, so I made her some kitchen dishcloths, a scrubby, a mandala and a potholder all in yellows:

I also sewed her a snack mat that is meant to hold your tea or coffee cup along with a little snack like a cupcake or muffin. I made a matching cup cozy that she can put around her coffee or tea cup.

Patti said she had to make a trip to the ER yesterday and was so happy to get home to find the package from me. I'm so glad it made your day, Patti, and that you liked everything. I sure hope all of your tests come out okay and that you are soon feeling better.  :)

On another note, thank you everyone for your kind comments about my blogging break. Physically I am starting to feel better now and am slowly getting back into crocheting and sewing again.

Do you ever feel like sometimes life really throws you a curveball? Well, seems I have had more than my fair share lately. A few weeks ago our oldest cat, our 15-year old Black Persian named Pepe, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Kidney Disease. There is no cure, and we have no idea how much longer he will live. There are 4 stages of kidney disease, so at least we caught it fairly early. We have had to change his diet, put him on probiotics twice a day, and we have to give him subcutaneous IVs twice a week so that he doesn't get dehydrated (this involves a huge needle that we have to stick under his skin). So far he is responding pretty well and has gained a little weight back (he was down to only five pounds). The vet bill for all the tests, medicine, etc. came to a little over $800.00.

Then last week our tenants at our old house called to tell us they had a high water bill (over $300 and it is usually around $50). Seems there is a leak somewhere, but we are not sure exactly where it is. Mr. S. suspects it is in the irrigation system, but he will have to wait until the monsoon weather is over before he can dig it all up and locate the problem. Of course, we are going to have to pay the high water bill(s) until the problem is resolved.

Last, but certainly not least, my nephew was leaving a nightclub last Tuesday night when he was jumped by three men. He was severely beaten, and his wallet and car were stolen. He had to get 19 stitches in his head, he has numerous bruises all over his body, along with several broken and bruised ribs. I went to see him this past weekend in New Mexico. He is hanging in there, but is in alot of pain. They have not caught the perpetrators yet. It is beyond my comprehension how one human being could do this to another one. If you are the praying sort, I sure would appreciate some for Jason's recovery.

They say bad luck comes in threes, so I hope that is the case, because I don't think I could take much more happening!

Thanks for letting me vent.  I know we all have our share of problems, and these may be minor compared to some, but I appreciate being able to share it with you. Hope we all have a good week.


  1. Oh My gosh...Im so sorry...We all have weeks like that. That is just terrible about your nephew. I hope they catch the people that did it. Whats wrong with people these days...

  2. Sorry to hear about everything that's happened. I hope your nephew recovers quickly - I will say a prayer for him. :)

  3. Sandy, prayers for Jason. This is terrible. May he heal quickly. Prayers also for you and hubbie, is a tough time you are going through. Blessings.

  4. Hi Sandy~
    I truly hope "thing #3" never came. I have some good news for you- you are the Price is Right winner over on my blog :)

    Thanks so much for playing, and don't forget that you have $5 to spend toward anything in any of my shops. No rush, but I wanted you to know.

    Take good care!! Jennie

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