Monday, November 5, 2012

Inspiration and a Project

One of the things I most love about blogging is all of the creativity that I get to see every single day when I log onto my computer and read through my blog list. I am constantly inspired by all of you talented people out there! Today I was inspired by Doni at Whiskers and Wool. She posted this morning about a cute Christmas ring ornament she made called Santa's Jolly Belly - isn't it cute?

(Doni's pic)

I have lots of those plastic rings (I sew them on my kitchen dish towels so that I can hang them on a hook near my sink) so I went to Ravelry to get the pattern. However, I accidentally clicked on Doni's name instead of the download link. What a happy accident, because it took me to all of her designs that are on Ravelry. Boy, she is one talented lady - you really need to go check out her designs there (many of them are free!)

Anyway, I spotted a Christmas Wreath ring ornament that she made last year and I got to thinking that I needed to make a wreath, but that small plastic ring was not going to be big enough to fit my project. Then it hit me - I had some plastic bangle bracelets left over from a jewelry project I worked on last week, and they were the perfect size for what I needed.

I re-worked Doni's pattern a little and before you know it, my project was completed. Thanks so much for the inspiration Doni!

Oh, were you wondering about my project? Well, this past weekend I attended a Holiday Bazaar and bought several cute things, including this wooden deer made from willow branches and twigs:

Isn't he cute?  I really like him, but the more I looked at him, I thought that he just looked too plain.... he definitely needed something. I thought that a wreath around his neck would be just perfect, and it was:

Now he looks even better, and is ready for the holidays. The change I made to Doni's pattern was to Chain 56 at the beginning rather than 36; I followed the rest of her pattern after that. The plastic rings that Doni uses are 2 inches across, and my bangle bracelet is a little over 3 inches across. I know it doesn't seem like a huge size difference, but it worked for this project. I used a size "I" crochet hook. The yarn I used is by Caron and is called Victorian Christmas Gold. I bought it years ago at Jo-Anns, so I don't know if they even make it anymore.

Are you wondering how the heck I got the wreath around his neck, since he has those antlers at the top of his head? Luckily for me, the crafter who makes these puts them together with dowel screws, so the head, neck and legs all unscrew. I can't wait to put up my Christmas decorations and find a special place for this guy!

Oh and guess what? I just looked at the business card the crafter gave me and she has a website where you can order your own - isn't that awesome? Just go here and you can order your own deer in sizes ranging from small to extra large (mine is a medium). In addition to the deer, she also sells owls, candleholders, napkin rings, photo frames and tic tac toe game boards, all made out of wood. She also makes some gorgeous furniture out of willow (that site is here).  (Please note I am in no way affiliated with her, I just think she makes nice stuff and thought others might be interested in her work.)

Hope everyone has a good week :)



  1. You're right - the wreath around his neck looks perfect. :)

  2. Wow Love the wreath and he is adorable! I am so glad to have the link to the website!

  3. The deer is adorable and so much more so with the addition of the wreath. I love it ... thanks for both links, off to check them out.

  4. Definitely needs a wreath! And thanks for explaining how you got it over his antlers because I was wondering. :)


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