Monday, July 19, 2010

100th Post Giveaway.... Finally!

I know I promised a Giveaway for my 100th post ... and that was a few posts ago! I've been trying to think up something fun and clever but I got nuthin'! So here's the deal - just follow the easy Giveaway Rules below and enter to win. What can you win you ask? Well, how about the winner gets to choose from one of the following items you've seen me post about on my blog:
  • Placemat Purse
  • Tote Bag (it can be a black canvas tote with your initial like the one I made Becky or a reversible tote that I make for you, your choice)
  • Crochet Hook Case
  • Knitting Needle Case
  • Fabric Covered Mouse Pad
Here are the Giveaway Rules:

1.  You must be a follower of this blog to enter.
2.  Leave a comment on this post telling me that you'd like to enter the giveaway and what you'd like to win.
3.  Deadline to enter is by midnight this Friday, July 23, 2010.

That's it.... easy peasy!  If you'd like to post about this Giveaway on your own blog, feel free .....  the more the merrier.  I'll either use a number generator or pick the name out of a hat to pick the winner (depends on how many entries I get).

Good luck to all.


  1. This is so nice from you. I really want to enter your giveaway. Hope i have luck. ;o)

    I´m with love a follower of your lovely blog. =)

    Nice greets and many smiles,

  2. Please enter me!!! This is so very nice of you. All your items are beautiful, but I would really love the placemat purse. Thanks so much. (I am a follower of you blog)

  3. I'm a follower too. I would love to enter your giveaway and my choice would be the tote bag. Thank you so much for offering. :)

  4. new follower here!! I would love the reversable tote!!!That would just be terrific!!!! Thanks doll and have a wonderful week.

  5. I'm most definitely a follower and should I win, I would love to have the placemat purse.

    Hugs XX

  6. Hello, it's me. Do I get to enter even though I already got a bag full of your goodies? I'd like a mouse pad if I win please!


  7. Boy, Sandy, you make it tough. I know I'm a follower, but what would I like - 3 desperate choices mmmmmmmmm - ok, the tote please. That's if I'm lucky ☺
    Thank you for the chance to enter

  8. Count me in too girl...even though a new follower, we just met, but count me in anyhoo...
    I'm a tote gal...thanks for asking.

  9. Count me in! I am a follower. I love your placemat purses so that would be my desire if I were to be lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I would love to have a tote bag. I follow you blog faithfully. Thanks for having this contest.

  11. Hi Sandy! You know I'm a follower and I love reading your posts. I would love a crochet hook case if I win please :) Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  12. Ohhh! so excited! I need a knitting needle case!! I am a follower! Thanks for the great opportunity! Denise


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