Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Reason I'm Not Crocheting as Much Right Now...

Well, actually, there are three reasons:

and their names are Ellie, Sammi and Cleo! Yes, believe it or not we adopted three kittens from a rescue shelter. That brings our total number of cats to 6. I know, I know, we have officially become Crazy Cat People. We just couldn't help ourselves, I mean, look at them.... are they cute or what???

Ellie and Sammi are sisters, and Cleo was in the same foster home with them and had bonded with them, so we couldn't very well not take her now could we??

I've never had children, but I think having 3 kittens in the house has got to be similar to having kids. They get into everything, are constantly hungry, squabble with each other, and are complete angels when they're asleep!

The only time I can crochet is when they are all asleep at the same time! I can get more sewing done because they don't mess with the sewing machine. They like to hang out in the craft room with me and will usually just fall asleep while I'm sewing.

So now you know why you haven't seen much crocheting from me lately. I did manage to make a couple more of the cup cozies.

There was a third one, but I gave it to my neighbor and didn't get a chance to take a photo of it. Speaking of my neighbor, she sold 4 of the placemat purses for me ... yay! I'm so excited to have sold something... not so much for the money, but for the fact that it lets me know people like what I'm making, and will actually pay money for it!

I need to go get dinner in the crockpot, clean up the house and do some laundry. Hope you have a great day.


  1. Hi Sandy!

    Congrats on your new Babies!!! Go look at my blog- the abandoned one we just took in looks JUST LIKE one of yours- spotted belly and all- I am amazed!! Are you sure these two aren't twins???

  2. Hi Sandy! Don't ya love how some things are barely off the hook, and someone's already seen it and wants it?!! I TRY to get somethings into the Christmas box, done ahead; but, for instance, my my two bean bag kitties are both gone as quick as that! Dear Daughter adopted one, while an unexpected birthday party for a new acquaintance prompted me to take the other to use as a birthday gift instead! So now I have to make some things to make up for those, because I'm trying not to overwhelm myself, all at once, in DECEMBER!.. But I'm o.k.. I'm good!.. I can do this!

    Your new kitties are adorable!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Congratulations on the newest "mew-est" members of your family! ~tina

  3. Give the babies hugs from Aunt Becky!

  4. Aww! You know I'm a sucker for animals. Those kitties are so cute. They will bring you so much joy, but you already know that or you wouldn't have brought them home. Have fun.

    Congrats on selling your bags. And your cup cozies are cute.


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