Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday

Hope you had a nice weekend. I have been busy doing this and that, but mainly sewing and crafting, although I did get some crocheting in too. I am almost finished with the baby projects I told you about awhile back. The blanket and hat are done and I just need to put the sweater together and sew the buttons on.  

As I look at this picture I realize that I didn't lay this out very well - the blanket is not wonky.

This weekend I started sewing baby stuff:  burp pads, bibs, etc. I made the cutest little onesie I just had to show it to you:

Isn't that adorable?? I bought the onesie at Wal-mart and appliqued the tie onto it. I need to get everything finished so I can box it up and send it off to our niece in Tennessee; the baby is a month old already!


  1. All so nice, you have been busy....good weather for that tie...won't that look cute on a little guy? Have a great day.

  2. Love the pattern on the blanket - the way you've used the same colors in different places in each square creates a great effect!

  3. You are very clever :)) that tie looks just great, well done.. Love the squares too.. :))

  4. You have made some very cute stuff!!

  5. Pretty blankie and hat and the onesie is definitely adorable.


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