Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prayer Request

What a crazy few days it has been here in my neck of the woods. I was cleaning house Friday morning when I got a phone call from my mother that they were taking my father by ambulance to the hospital. He could not get out of bed and his heart rate was alarmingly high.

I dropped everything, jumped in the shower and then raced to the hospital. It turns out that his high heart rate was due to a fever caused by an infection that has settled in his right knee. My father has very bad arthritis and it greatly affects his knees. For now he is in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics until they can figure out what is going on with his knee and see if they need to operate.

While we were at the hospital yesterday morning, we heard an "urgent external 911" page over the hospital paging system. They were bringing some of the victims of the shooting here in Tucson to the hospital where my father is at. This is such a horrible tragedy, not only for my city but for our whole country. As you can imagine, this is all that is on our local TV channels. I vacillate between anger and sadness as I watch, wondering how such a senseless act can happen.

Please say a prayer today as you read this .... for my father, for my city, for our country.


  1. You got it, Sandy.

  2. Sandy, prayers being said. God bless.

  3. My heart and prayers go out to you ...

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet words Sandy. :o) They mean so much!
    My crochet keeps leaning in one direction. My husband said it is the tension, and so I am working on that. :o) This afghan will definitely be one of practice. :o)
    When you said that your stitches come a little wonky, why do you think that is? Also, I read somewhere that you should "set" your stitches by ironing, etc. Do you ever do that? I haven't and really don't care to,
    but if it is a step that I need to pay attention to, I will. :o)

    I hope that your father is doing well and on his way to recovery.
    Sincerely, Trish
    ps. Your blog is set to no-reply, just thought I would let you know. :o)

  5. Sandy what a terrible time.I hope your Dad improves soon and as for the shooting - a tragedy - sending my thoughts and prayers.x

  6. Most definitely, Sandy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad and for the victims of the shooting. God bless America!


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