Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Saturday

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I am feeling much better.... thanks for all your kind words.

All my giveaway winners, would you please do me a favor and add a comment to this post when you receive your stitch markers (I have already gotten e-mails from two of you, so you two don't need to do this!)? I sure would appreciate knowing that you got your package okay.

Doing lots of work around the house today with Mr. S.  I got some sewing done yesterday, made a reversible cover for my sewing machine and two zippered pouches (you can check out my sewing blog to see them if you like,

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. Oh crap! I'm sooooo sorry I completely forgot to e-mail you! It was on my on-the-puter to-do list yesterday. Mine came in perfect condition thank-you so much!!! Totally adorable, the combination of beads between the 2 markers looks amazing. I think you should make more of them, especially since you have an eye for mixing textures/sizes. I could never do that.

    I'm so lucky, there my first pretty markers!

    Thank-you, thank-you again!!

  2. I love the above image. It is so adorable and cute. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh Sandy ... guess what was in the mail!!! Thank you so much for the stitch holders. They are so pretty ... and there's two of them!!! I am thrilled to pieces with these and again, thank you for your generosity.


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