Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Crochet Project

Remember the baby stuff I told you I needed to make? I finished one last project today for my friend who lives in England, so I can get her package mailed off tomorrow. Here is everything I made for her:

I made everything in gender-neutral colors, since she doesn't want to know ahead of time what she is having. I made her a blanket, receiving blanket, fleece blanket with crocheted edging, baby hat, flannel wipes and two flannel burp cloths.

Here is the fleece blanket:

I like buying the blanket with blanket stitch edging already on it, since I don't have access to a hemstitcher, and I always mess it up when I try to make holes in blankets myself!

I used Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn in Candy Print and a small hook and did a SC row around first, then another row of shells. It only took me a couple of hours to do.
I have a One-Pan Banana Bread Cake that I need to make, so I'm off to the kitchen. Bye!


  1. What a lovely gift! I bet she'll love it!

  2. Very nice pressies! She'll love them.

  3. Very cute! You mentioned a hemstitcher... I think they make a rotary tool for that now that puts the holes in your fabric! Check into, it may be worth it if I'm right!


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