Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Original blog title, huh? Ha Ha! 

I had to do a post so I wouldn't have to look at that crocheted uterus I posted yesterday! For those of you wondering about it, I guess it was crocheted to cheer up a friend who was having surgery. I've seen some unusual crocheted items, but that is one of the more unusual ones!

I am making slow but sure progress on my bobble blanket:

I had to change up the pattern a little bit... it calls for changing the color every third row. However, I only have two skeins of the ivory/white color, but more of the pink and green. So I decided to double up the pink and green rows so I don't run out of yarn. As far as I know, they don't make the yarn I am using anymore, so I want to make sure I have enough of it.

I also just made something that I have never crocheted before. I can't believe in all these years of crocheting I had never tried these before, but I finally made some and love how they turned out. I can't show them to you until my partner in the Holiday Gift Exchange gets her package from me.

Any guesses as to what it could be? A correct guess might win a prize!  :)


  1. It's so awesome to see you crocheting more. I've really missed it. The blanket is pretty and making me think I want to make one too. Lover-ly.

  2. Is it a pair of gloves?

    Your blanket looks great! I still have that on my list.


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