Thursday, November 3, 2011

WIP Thursday

I wanted to share with you my newest crochet project. I found the most fabulous pattern on Pinterest ... do you Pin?  If not, you are missing out. There is so much neat stuff to be found on there - crochet, recipes, quilting, sewing, home decorating ideas - you name it, you can find it there. It is a great source for inspiration and project ideas.  If you do Pin, you can follow me using the button on the top right-hand side of my blog. If you don't, and want to, let me know and I will send you an invite.

Anyway, this is the pattern I saw and fell in love with:

Isn't it bobble-licious??? Yes, I just made that word up... ha ha!

You can find the free pattern here. She used Lion Brand Cotton Ease, but I am determined to use up my stash, so I am using up some Red Heart Designer Sport that I've had for awhile now.

Here it is so far:

Once you get the pattern established it is really easy. I love how the bobble stitch looks. I am making this for one of my expectant friends and I just picked out the colors because I liked them, but as it turns out, those are the colors she was planning for her nursery! How lucky am I??

I have not forgotten about the other beautiful bobble blanket I posted about awhile back. I will definitely be making that one too, for a different friend. Yes, I have lots of baby blankets to make!

Have a great day - I'm off to craft and crochet now.  :)


  1. That is going to be really pretty. I love the look of textured crochet. Have a great day Sandy.

  2. That's looking very nice - love the bobbles. :)

  3. Wow its soo pretty! Cannot wait to see it finished!

  4. OHHHH, I love that. Thanks for the link.

  5. Sandy, this is so pretty. Thanks for the link, that's another to do for me! Got lots of scrap stash and this is one place its going to!

  6. You are so talented!!! I've never been able to pick up knitting or crochet.


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