Friday, March 19, 2010

Much Better

With some help from Pammy on how to block (thanks so much Pammy) I was able to make my squares from yesterday a little bit smaller. Sue was nice enough to leave me a comment to say that she is taking the squares she gets, no matter what size, and making them work, so that made me feel better. 

I tried a new square this morning:
And look, it measures 6 inches:

I love this one, I think it really looks like a sun in the middle! It is Square 6 from this book, which I have been meaning to tell you about:
This is the book I got at Jo-Ann's a couple of weeks ago. There are some really pretty squares in here (I love the peach one on the cover!). Square 6 calls for an H hook and says it should measure 5 inches, but I used an H hook and it came out to 6 inches, so I don't know what it is about me and squares! Guess I will definitely have to go down at least one hook size if I want them to measure what the pattern says. I will post some more photos from the book later so you can see some of the other designs.

In case I don't get a chance to post anymore this weekend, I hope all of you are enjoying nice weather wherever you are, and that you have a very happy weekend.


  1. Your sunshine square is so bright and cheery looking. We need a bunch of those around here this weekend. The temperature got to 76 today, and tonight a winter blizzard is moving in. We supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow in Okla. City with wind chills in the single digits! As much as I love snow, I was just starting to get used to seeing the sunshine. Thanks for sharing your sunny square! ;)

  2. I am going to have to take a look again at my book, because your square is MUCH prettier and really caught my eye. I have yet to make any squares from this book but now you have me inspired!

  3. Found your blog via SIBOL. Your square is a beautiful sunny square. Sizing can vary wildly from patterns, not just because of how you crochet/knit etc, but also the variety of the yarn has a HUGE influence too.
    I have made 2 squares, same pattern, similiar yarn - but sizing was way, way out

  4. Kellie, I'm so glad I inspired you to make some squares.. there really are some pretty ones in that book, aren't there? Maria, thank you so much, I was wondering if the yarn made a difference, so I'm glad to know that was probably part of my problem.


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