Monday, March 15, 2010

Nice Weekend

A little bit of Spring Training Baseball....

A little bit of crocheting...

My charity pile has grown quite large...
I think I will do a couple more blankets this week (this time preemie size) then deliver them to the hospital.
Hope you had a nice weekend also :)


  1. What a nice pile of goodies. It's so thoughtful to make all those things to give away. I would like to try some of those blankets with the crochet edges. So pretty . . .

  2. What a lovely blog you have. I just found you here - this is my very first visit. I love the little blankets that you are making for the premies. I have been a NICU nurse now for over 30 years and I am telling you that those blankets are so appreciated by us and by parents. Sometimes we have volunteers that make them for us - it is always a happy day when we get new ones. You are getting a star in your crown for that little effort! Your crochet goodies are lovely also - I am a knitter, but I sure wish I could crochet -does that count? Thanks for sharing on your blog - it is lovely here.


  3. Vicki, I'm so glad you visited me. Thank you so much for your note... I'm glad to hear that the blankets/hats will be used and appreciated. It's so funny that you wish to crochet, because sometimes I wish I could knit! Funny how that works, huh? Thanks again for visiting, hope you come back soon. :)


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