Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cute Little Project

I've been spending some time perusing other blogs (one of my favorite things to do!) and I came across this site.  She has so many neat, creative projects on here you won't believe it.

Once I saw her April 26th post I knew I just HAD to make that project, and here it is:

I am so into pincushions lately, and this took no time at all to make. I simply made two matching center circles, put them wrong sides together and stuffed them with fiberfill and then crocheted it closed. I then added the shell border all around. Easy peasy! She suggested other uses for this as well, such as maybe adding something sweet-smelling to it and making it a sachet, or maybe making several and turning it into a mobile for a baby's room.

I spied several other things on there that I would like to try, like the cupcake liner flowers and the crochet wool basket, among other things. Go browse around and sew what you can find!


  1. Perusing other blogs? Are you cheating on me?!! Hee-hee.

    Cute pincushion.

  2. Oh thank you for sharing this site! She does have a lot of interesting things to do!

  3. Very adorable. Lovely colors and very cheerful looking.

  4. How lovely - off to check out the blog! Thanks x

  5. Love your new pin cushion!.. And that website too! Thanks! ~tina

  6. This is adorable, thanks for providing link, off to check it out. By the way, loving your blog!


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