Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kitty #3 and Some Questions

Good morning.... hope everyone is happy and well today. I realized yesterday that I have not shared with you a photo of Kitty #3, so here he is:
His name is Pepe, as in Pepe Le Pew. He is a black Persian and has LOTS of fur. Pretty soon he will be going to the groomer for his summer lion cut... he pretty much gets shaved all over, and he seems to love it. We did that last summer for the first time and he was a changed cat... much more friendly! He is really a Daddy's boy, follows Mr. S. all over the house. I think he just tolerates my presence in the house.. LOL 

Now you have seen all of our cats. I will share with you another time photos of our two cockatiels. Mr. S. also has a huge saltwater aquarium. Can you tell we are animal lovers around here??!! We really want a dog but I want a small one and Mr. S. wants a big one, so we will see.

I also have some questions I want to ask today, and I hope you will leave me some comments.  Here they are:

1.  Do you always wash everything that you crochet before you give it to the recipient (assuming of course that it is made with a washable yarn)?

2.  Have you ever crocheted with fabric? If so, can you give me any hints/tips/patterns?

3.  What crochet magazines do you read and/or subscribe to? Are there any you would recommend over others?

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.  Now let's get out there and make it a great day!!!


  1. Oh, I like Pepe. My cat must be part Persian because she's got similar hair, only not quite as long. She would probably look cute in a lion cut too. I've always had more luck with male cats. They've always seem much more affectionate towards me than the females.

    About your questions:

    No, I don't wash the item usually, unless it's made from yarn I had for a very long time. I normally just put the item in the dryer with a dryer sheet on low and that takes off any cathair that might be on there. So far, I've had no complaints. I advertise that I live in a petfriendly home and people who are highly allergic to cats and dogs just won't buy from me, I guess. I'm not willing to change my life at this stage in my life. My animals are very important to me as I live alone and there are more than enough people out there who own and love pets ;-) but the dryer sheet thing really seems to work, plus it "freshens" the item and makes it smell nice too :-)

    I don't subscribe to any crochet magazines anymore, not since I have the Internet. There are way too many free patterns available online and if I do have to have something in specific, then I just pay for it online - it's just so easy. There are so many crochet support groups online as well. I just learned about Crochet Soiree today. It's really fun. Try it, registration is free and they're having a Crochet along that started on the 5th and ends on May 31st...check out the cute free patterns.
    Just enroll, then go to communities and then to projects and look for the may challenge.
    I've never worked with crocheting with material, but I found this really cool You Tube video that shows you how to cut the material in the proper strips. You Tube has really great tutorials. I tell you, with the Internet, you need nothing else.
    I found this tutorial video that shows how to cut the plastic bags to make it into plarn for knitting or crocheting with and I guess that method for cutting would work for clothing:

    Have a nice evening :-)

  2. What a sweet kitty! Unfortunatly I'm allergic to cats but not dogs and right now I cannot afford either. I don't wash the items I make before giving them away but I haven't done much gift giving except for the shawls I did for mother's day which is a first for me. I don't wash the blocks when I send them out either for the swaps. As to magazine subscriptions, I have one to Crochet World which will expire in 2011 and I have Crochet! Magazine online subscription which enabled me to download and save all the pdf's from this year plus the past 2 years and that is a blessing. When Crochet World runs out, I will not be renewing that subscription. Crochet Today does not have an internet subscription otherwise I'd get that as it seems to be pretty popular. Beware of ordering from Publishers Building Exchange because they charge you way more than the magazine is worth hence my decision to not go with that company.

  3. Pepe is a very beautiful cat. I have a white female Persian named Angel. She gets a lion cut about 2 times a year. I wash all baby items in All Free with a white vinegar rinse. Hubby loom knits hats but we usually don't wash those for older children and adults. I don't get any crochet magazines right now.


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