Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Hope you are having a wonderful day today. Thought I would tell you about a couple of blogs that I like..... and one of them is having a giveaway.

The first one is Crafty Begonia. She does beautiful crochet work, and has recently featured several crochet motifs on her blog with instructions included. I'm definitely going to be trying out Aruba Star and her re-vamped Granny Square.

The other one I like is Indigo Blue.  She is currently giving away a beautiful Granny Square Bag that is just gorgeous. I like her blog because in addition to crochet she also sews. She has instructions for the cutest half apron made out of tea towels that is going on my to-do list also.

I hope you will check both of these blogs out, I think you will really enjoy them.

Happy Tuesday everybody!


  1. Just checking in to say hello and wishing you a wonderful day :-)

    I will take a look at those blogs a bit later, right now I'm on a mission to crochet some more little amigurumi scrubbies!

  2. Thanks, Sandy! I'll check out the two blogs you've recommended.


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