Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Thoughts...

I wasn't sure what to write about today, so this post will just be random thoughts I want to share with you!  If you fall asleep halfway through, I totally understand!

1. I'm very happy that Mr. Sunflowerz (decided that is hubby's new name!) has gone to day shift. When he worked nights I felt obligated to do stuff with him while he was home during the day, so a lot of my stuff got pushed to the side. I have lots of shows I taped on the DVR that I need to watch, my poor body has not had exercise in at least a week or more (and really needs it!), there is crocheting to be done, etc. etc.  So it is back to ME time... yay!!! (So glad Mr. Sunflowerz doesn't read this blog... LOL)

2. I think I am going to have to take a beginner's sewing class. I have been practicing with the machine and my efforts have not been all that great. I give you Exhibit Number One:
This has got to be the smallest baby bib ever ... hard to tell from the pic but trust me, this would not fit any baby that I know! I ended up giving it to the little girl who lives across the street to put on her baby dolls... figure it is just the right size for that. I made Mr. Sunflowerz take it over there, as they were having a yard sale yesterday. We don't really know them, but I have seen them out and about and knew they had a little girl. And what does Mr. Sunflowerz say when he comes back but "hey, the guy was really nice and told me if you need sewing help his wife is a really good sewer." Great... and now she has seen my piece of crap sewing effort..... wonderful. Umm, don't think I'll be asking her for help... I'm too embarassed now!

Okay, so you don't think Exhibit One looks so bad? Then I give you Exhibit Number Two:

I tried using a different template this time (I am culling these from the internet) and it is even worse. There is barely enough room on there to catch any food at all if put on a baby. Obviously these templates need to be bigger, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to enlarge things on my printer. The only good thing about this one is that my top stitching is better; it is closer to the edge and straighter. Thank goodness I didn't spend alot of money on material; I found a bin at Wally World with leftover fabric bits for cheap; I could probably make 3 or 4 bibs with all this Toy Story material and it cost like .97 cents. So there.

3. Speaking of sewing, the "Yes, It's Easy" bag pattern I showed you? Uh, not so easy. It might as well be written in Japanese for all the sense it makes to me. There are words in there like "baste" and "French Seam".... what the heck? I have no clue what those mean. Hmm, ya think I got myself in over my head with this sewing stuff??? Who me?  Nah, I would NEVER do such a thing, would I?   If Mr. Sunflowerz were reading this, he would look like a bobble head doll about now, his head would be nodding so fast!

4.  I was in the middle of making dinner last night and reached for a bowl off the counter; right next to it was a knife, stupidly put blade up. You can guess what happened next, right? Yup, sliced my little finger up good. Dr. Sunflowerz decided stitches weren't necessary and bandaged me up good. Tried to crochet last night but my finger was throbbing too much, so I gave up. Sigh.

5.  I have a billion things to do today but have yet to do any of them. Let's see, what has to be done? Pay bills, do some laundry, get car re-washed (I oh-so- nicely took the new car to be washed yesterday morning and then it rained yesterday afternoon) go to pool supply store, bake brownies I promised Mr. Sunflowerz I would make for the guys at his work, pick up Rx at drug store... I think that's all. Guess I should get my butt in gear.  Okay, in a minute I will. I promise.

6. I love followers! I really do... I get so excited when I see I have a new follower to my blog. Is that weird? I have 23 followers now... woo hoo!!!! I also love exclamation points and totally over use them all the time..... so sue me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think that's enough blathering on for one day. Hey you.... (poke)... wake up... ha ha!  Have a lovely Monday all. 

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  1. No, I wasn't scared, just running behind still and trying to catch up.
    I hope you are ok today! I cut myself in the kitchen all the time. I never used to be that way - wonder what happened. Same with sewing, I poke myself with that darn needle every chance I get.
    Speaking of sewing, those bibs are adorable. I admire people who sew. I had a great aunt that was a seamstress and from the left over material from people's dresses, she always made me the prettiest clothes for my dollies. I tell you, I had the best dressed dolls in town ;-)
    I love followers too and I enjoy following as well, only sometimes, it gets a bit much and I can't keep up with everyone like I would want to. I can't spend all day on the computer, even though I have. I'm sure you know how that goes.
    It's raining today, so I'll be crocheting.
    Bye for now,
    Doris :-)


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