Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Stuff

Happy Friday all... hope you're having a great Friday to start off the weekend right.

I set up the sewing machine last night and actually managed to thread the bobbin and top threader correctly (thank heavens for the DVD!). I just did some practice stitches and so far, so good. Thought I'd share my little sewing corner with you:
I have it set up in the computer room/den for now. Am trying to talk hubby into letting me have this as my craft room.. I'm sure eventually it will become mine once all of my stuff starts making its way in... ha ha!
What's that? You spied that fabric on the table and want to see it up close? Okay, here ya go:

I know, the skull print doesn't match the rest! My sister is going through a phase where she is in love with anything skulls, so I bought that with her in mind. Here is what I am going to attempt with all this lovely material:

The best part about this pattern? The part that says "Yes, it's Easy!!"  It looks like a fairly straightforward pattern that even I could handle. I am itching to get started.  I must say thank you to Molly for the link to some great sewing patterns for beginners. I may take you up on your offer of help, so be forewarned.. LOL.
Oh, here is the progress I have made on Dad's lapghan:

Several of you have commented that you really like this yarn, and I must tell you that I am really enjoying working with it.
Must go for now, hubby is wanting to go run errands. Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Olá, amiga!
    Seu cantinho é lindo e muito criativo.
    Feliz dia do trabalho!!! Hoje, só descanso!...
    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil.

  2. Sandy I love the new sewing machine and the great fabric - cant wait to see the finished bags - I think you have already taken over the room - hubby won't get back in there hehe! Regarding the African flower motif check here on flickr
    and scroll down the page and there is the instructions! Have fun! x

  3. Oh, how exciting, a new toy! And, yes, if the pattern states that it's easy, it must be, right? Looking at all that lovely material makes me almost want to start sewing - ALMOST! I've yet got too much yarn to use ub before starting yet another hobby! I admire people who sew. It's wonderful to be so talented. I can't wait to see your completed projects. That lapghan for your dad is coming along very nicely too, you busy little bee, you ;-)
    Happy Sunday and happy sewing :-)


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