Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crocheted Cap

A friend of mine has a daughter who will be moving to England in a few months, so I wanted to make her some cute caps and berets to take with her. Here is the first one I finished:

I love the flower detail.

I had the cute little button in my stash so I just sewed it to the middle of the flower. The pattern calls for the flower to be felted, but since I didn't use wool yarn, mine is not felted and I think it came out just fine.

The pattern can be found here. This is a beginner friendly pattern; the hat will only take about an hour to complete!

I tried crocheting her a beret the other day but it came out way too big, so I need to go get some boucle yarn. Much as I hate working with the stuff, sometimes it's a necessary evil.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. If you are lucky enough to have Monday off too, enjoy your extra day off. 


  1. I love the colors and it is very cute.

  2. A very thoughtful gift..:))
    The flower adds that personal touch, and a lovely colour :))

  3. Your cap is really cute. A nice gift to give your friends daughter.

  4. ADORABLE!!.. I love making hats for myself, but when I make them for other people, they ALWAYS come out the wrong size.. usually too small. So when it comes to winter gift giving, I try to stick to scarves! (0; Hope you're having a great weekend! ~tina

  5. The colors are lovely as is the flower placed so nicely on the side. She will love it.

  6. How sweet. The cap is adorable and I know she will love it.

  7. The colors are great. What yarn did you use for the purple?

  8. That is a great little hat and the flower's color is so rich and beautiful - looks like purple or eggplant - lovely!

    I may make that hat for my mom in Germany. I can make it in white and she could use it for the warmer weather when she doesn't want to fix her hair!


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