Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you for helping me figure out this pattern. Doris, you are a lifesaver! It was indeed the Aligned Shells pattern and I finally found my copy of it. Of course I didn't write what hook I used on the pattern, so I will do some test swatches to figure it out.

Thanks again everyone, you're awesome!


  1. Glad you found the help. Smart decision to do up some swatches to figure out what hook you used!

  2. Hi Miss Sandy! I really like this pattern and think I have the perfect yarn for it in my stash! Could I get a copy of this pattern from you if not too much trouble?!!!

  3. Of course you can Becky... I think I even have an extra copy of it; I'll give it to you next time I see you!


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