Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love This Hat, Love This Yarn

I made this cute cloche today from this pattern.  It is an interesting pattern, because once you get the pattern established, you turn your work after each row, which I have not done before when working in the round. I also like it because the cloche is very form-fitting to the head.

The yarn I used for this project is Michael's Loops & Threads Charisma (color is Lakeside). It is 100% acrylic yarn and I absolutely loved working with it. It is so nice and soft, and is going to make this a nice, warm hat for Jennifer to wear in jolly old, cold England!

I plan on making her several more hats and/or cloches in different colors, so hopefully she will have a hat to match most of her wardrobe. I'm thinking I will make some scarves to match some of them too, if I have enough yarn left over.

If you haven't given this yarn a try yet, I highly recommend it.  


  1. Yeah, the technique you said is new to me too!!Lovely hat Sandy!!

  2. Your hat looks lovely and warm as well as bright, fabulous blue :))

  3. That does sound like a really interesting technique. Will have to try it one of these days!


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