Thursday, February 3, 2011

What do YOU want to win?

I wouldn't be celebrating a blogging anniversary without you, my wonderful readers. So what would YOU like to see as the giveaway tomorrow?  (And no, a million dollars is NOT possible.. LOL!)

If you want to see projects I have sewn, you can check out my sewing blog, Sandy Sewz. I could also crochet something, but I warn you, it might take awhile to get it to you, as I can only crochet when the kittens are napping. :)

I could also do something like a gift card to a store or restaurant too.

I want to know YOUR thoughts, so please leave me a comment to this post and I will read over all of them before deciding what the giveaway prize will be.


  1. I'm a crochet lover so something crochet would be my top choice even if it took awhile. :)

  2. Anything you crochet turns out nice and I love your tote bags.... craft store or website gift cards would be great too for most of your readers, hard to pick a restaurant- everyone has such a diverse group of restaurants near them depending on where they are. Most of us are crafty so the crafty stuff or cards I would think would win out with most of us. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for doing this!

  3. I agree with Maria it would be hard to pick a restaurant. A gift card/certificate for etsy (if they have them) would be great then the winner can get a pattern to make, finished something or other that caught their fancy, or supplies/embellishments for their craft. I'm personally becoming a whore for tote bags lol I'm trying really hard to remember to bring reusable bags when I go shopping and they are great to have in different sizes for crochet projects. But then again this is your blog and your give away so something you made and can share on here would be awesome too.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 1-year!!!!

  4. Happy One Year Anniversary!!! Anything from you Sandy would be a wonderful gift. I totally get about limited crochet time for I too have a child to raise (my grandson) and my crochet time is limited to when he is sleeping. :D Maybe a small kit? Like an Amigurumi Kit with a pattern, yarn and safety eyes or even one to make a kitchen ensemble, etc. Or just offer some Yarn and patterns :)


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