Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Says the Desert Can't be Beautiful?

Take a look at this gorgeous flower:
Isn't it just beautiful? Now, check out what it actually is:

That's right, it's a cactus! We saw this at the plant nursery today and could not resist... it is just amazing! It only blooms for one day, so you have to enjoy it while you can. This is one I know will survive the hot Arizona summers... can't wait to plant it so that we can get these beautiful flowers again next year.
The baby blanket is almost done:

I am on my third skein of yarn, so I think after I finish it I will be done. I am trying to decide what kind of edging to put on it... since it's for a boy, I don't want to do shells or anything too "girly." Any suggestions?


  1. I don't know, Sandy - who said that? I thought everyone knows that desert flowers are amongst the brightes, most brilliant flowers on the earth.
    I wonder how many people saw "The Living Desert" movie? Having lived in California all my "American Life" I'm well familiar with desert life and learned it's magnificently magical. Anyone should experience it at least once, preferrably in the spring :-)

  2. Yes, indeed, the flowers are beautiful! I knew cacti (?) grew flowers, but I didn't realize they were so vibrant. Definitely want to keep those around for years to come. The blanket's almost finished. Don't you love it at this point, when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Nice job!

  3. Gotta love the Desert Flowers and yes thats a Beauty! How about a Crab stitch or as its also called a reverse single crochet which is supposed to leave a nice edge on the blankets. I think they have a youtube video tutorial on the crab stitch.

  4. Wow, the flowers are stunning.

    And the blankie is really nice too! Vaughnde's idea sounds really nice, perhaps with two single crochet rounds first, or a single, then a double...


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