Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Ta-Dah

I finished another quick project last night. Remember I made the pin cushion that I sewed by hand? Well, Pammy shared with me a great pattern for a crocheted pin cushion that I absolutely fell in love with and HAD to make! Thanks again Pammy :) It is very similar to the other pattern, as you start out by making two circles and then join them together:
Leave a small opening so that you can stuff with fiberfill, then crochet it closed. It will then look like this:

Next, do that thingy with the yarn so that it looks like a flower, add a button, and you're done!

Oops, forgot... need to add some pins:

There... now it's complete.
The pattern did not give a hook size, so I used an "F" hook; next time I might go a little smaller. Mine came out kind of big, so I think next time I also might cut it back to 60 stitches, rather than the 72 called for in the pattern. I used a new yarn I had never tried before, Bernat Satin, and it was nice to work with and came in some really pretty colors (I found it at Jo-Ann's).
Now on to the next project...... hmmm, what shall it be? So many choices, but I think it might be hexagon in shape! Stay tuned.


  1. Isn't that fun. What kind of yarn is the varigated? Very cool.

    Not much hooking going on here today... boo-hoo... just not in the mood. Too nice outside.

  2. Kate, the varigated yarn is the Bernat Satin... color is called Faded Glory Ombre. I wish it came in a larger size (is only a 2.8 oz skein) as I would use it for more projects.

  3. Wow such a beautiful crocheted pincushion! Great job, I love it!

  4. So cute. This is on my list too!


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