Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute Crochet Project

I found these cute little crocheted butterflies here. Aren't they adorable? And she made them with embroidery thread... now why didn't I think of that???!! These would be perfect for so many things... add to a hair barrette or headband, decorate a note card, or add to some ribbon to decorate a gift, just to name a few. I'll definitely be trying these; hope you do too.


  1. Very very cute!

  2. I'm working on a potholder, and the final touches are flowers made with embroidery floss..I guess it is the same thing...I tried the flowers with the crochet thread...too thick.Never thought of using this medium before...these are so pretty.

  3. They are really really cute!!Thanks for the link!!

  4. They are adorable. I have crocheted with embroidery thread before because I have a whole bunch in different colors and I don't embroider (or needlepoint) - I made some earrings with it.

    The little butterflies are cute for adding to other things and embellishing for a cheerful look.

    Thank you, Sandy, for visting me today. I wish you could have come too because there were plenty blueberries left and we could have picked longer, but we were just ready to go home. I love Georgia for it's green and lush environment, but apparently the bugs like it too and I'm always fending them off ;-)
    Have a lovely and blessed day, my friend :-)

  5. Very cute ! I like it :)

    Happy crocheting :)


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