Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Tuesday Project

Hi all... hope everyone had a good weekend. I did, but it was very tiring, think I did waaaay too much, so I spent most of yesterday in bed. Feeling much better today.

I'm still trying to find uses for all my scrap material, and came across this one today for a reusable coffee cup sleeve. I know several people who could use one of these, and also think they might sell well at a craft fair:

The only change I made was to make my fastener out of elastic rather than a hair elastic band.. when I tried that, it broke the needle on my sewing machine! So I switched to elastic and it worked much better for me. I found several patterns for these, but I liked this one as it used cotton batting between the layers of fabric, which I think will be much better for hot drinks.

Mr. S. will be home from work soon, so better go start dinner. Have a nice evening all!


  1. You need to open a shop on etsy.com! These are cute and I definitely would buy some. Can I put an order in now? ;)

  2. Glad to hear you're doing better - it takes time, so be patient!

    This is a great way of using scrap materials and the heart shaped button looks perfect with that pattern ;-) Great job!


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