Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Back... With a New Look!

Hi everyone! So good to be back on the computer. It will take me some time to catch up with everyone, but hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer. I decided to change the look of my blog. I am using Blogger's new Design feature, but am not sure if I really like it or not. Guess I will live with it for awhile and see how it goes!

Thanks so much for all your prayers, thoughts and good wishes on my recent surgery.  It's been a little over two weeks now, and I am slowly starting to try to get back in to a routine. I still find that I need a little nap in the afternoon, and I can't over-do it, but my doctor says everything is looking good so I'm happy for that.

I am going to finish up my Dad's lapghan this week, since I want to give it to him this weekend for Father's Day. I am going to try to do a bit of sewing this week too. I sure did miss being able to do all of my crafting. I will definitely post pictures once I get some things done.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. OH, I DOOOOO like it. I think it looks super-deeee-dooper.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't know if you noticed, but I used the new bloggers Design feature and changed my background back to my preferred black...I think it makes the pictures show up better. I like your new layout, but guess what? Even if I wanted to change my layout back to the original one, I have no clue how to do that (he, he, he)...

    I'm so glad you're recouperating well from your surgery. Just remember to be patient with yourself and don't rush things. The last thing you need is a relapse. Everyone heals at a different pace - just listen to your body and you'll do well.

    Have a nice evening :-)

    happy crocheting :-)

  3. I really like how this looks! I'm partial to green and the pattern is super! Glad that you are feeling better and yes, please do take it easy for a better recovery. Have a wonderful evening.

  4. I like the new look! Welcome back.

  5. I played with it this afternoon. I created a fake one first just to see. Still playing around before I mess with my real one. I'm liking your new look....

    Kate xoxoxox

  6. Sooo glad that you're feeling better and back with us! You've been missed a lot. Your blog layout looks super. Glad you're able to craft again but try not to overdo.

    Hugs XX

  7. It´s fine, that you´re feeling better. =)

    Your new layout is super, it looks so fresh, a little bit of summer.

    Nice greets,

  8. It's so good to have you back! We missed all of your cute projects! You made some of us look bad! Just actually inspire some of us with your creativity!

  9. Your blog looks great - I love the pattern in the background! Nice to see you back after your surgery - take it easy though!!! xxxx

  10. Hi, I so enjoy meeting new blogger friends..thank you for stopping by my place. I'm out and about in the blogoshphere returning visits, but will come back when I can stay a few..Enjoy your day....


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