Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Things

I'm playing along with Pammy Sue over at Scotty's Place and telling you 6 things about me that you didn't know. Mine are pretty weird too! Here goes:

1. If I rub up against someone and they have rough, scaly elbows, it really grosses me out. Yuck!   (It's called lotion people, use it!)

2. I have really stubby fingers and toes... I blame it on the fact that I was born 2 months premature, but that may have nothing to do with it!

3. I loathe broccoli, yet love cream of broccoli soup.  Go figure.

4. I refuse to drink soda out of a can. It must be in a glass or cup with lots of ice. If there is no ice available, then I won't drink it!

5. I hate folding socks. Really, really hate it. I will let them sit there for at least a week or more before I fold them.  Don't know why.

6. I love ordering magazines and catalogs, but I don't even read half of them. I can't throw them away either...what if there's something in there I might need one day???? 

There ya go, my 6 things.. told you they were gonna be weird!! Please let me know in the Comments if you're playing so I can check yours out too.


  1. Some times rough elbows are not due to dry skin but a disease called psoriasis. The person cannot help it, lotion does not remove the dry scaliness of the plaque that develops on the skin. I know, I have it. That is fact number 1 about me that few know.

  2. So sorry, Ghost... I had no idea. I only say it because my hubby had rough elbows and I finally made him start putting lotion on every day and it really helped him (his was just dry skin).

  3. oh don't be silly, you are entitled to feel as you do. I just wanted you to know that sometimes people can't help it.


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