Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainy Super Bowl Sunday

It is a rainy, dreary Super Bowl Sunday here in the desert. I love to stay inside on days like this. I'm sure I'll get lots of crocheting done today! I plan on watching the Super Bowl, but since my Cardinals are out, am mainly watching for the commercials.
I've started a new baby blanket, will post a picture of it later. It should go quickly, the body of it is mainly HDC and then you add a scalloped border. It is definitely not what I would call a "traditional" looking baby blanket, but I am into trying new things lately. As they say, variety is the spice of life!!


  1. How fun to see you have started a blog!

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world and commenting. Isn't the Internet just fantastic?

  2. Welcome to our little blogging and crochet community. I can see from your Blog List that you've already met a bunch of nice people! Thanks for visiting me at Greyt Balls of Yarn. Come back anytime and don't be shy! :) Call me naive, but I'm shocked to hear that it actually rains in the desert. (I really have been out of Oklahoma a few times in my life!) I just always think of the desert as being so hot and dry, I just can't imagine it being dreary and raining. I hope you are able to get lots of crochet done.

    So, what do you think about Kurt Warner retiring? I just love him and am going to miss watching him play. Today, however, I'm wearing my #18 Peyton Manning jersey. :)

  3. Welcome to the land of blog writing. Be careful, this does become addictive! Have fun.

  4. Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and following me! I so appreciate it :) Keri, I was rooting for Peyton too, was hoping the Colts could win it. I was so bummed when I heard Kurt Warner was retiring... he is a good guy, both on and off the field, and will really be missed. Here in AZ we're hoping that Leinert can step up and be the QB we need him to be! And yes, believe it or not, it does rain here.. not a whole lot, although during Aug & Sept we have what are called monsoons where we get rain every day and it often floods! But most of the time it is hot and dry!The desert is a beautiful place, lots of flowers grow here (believe it or not!) I will have to post some pics to show you. Thanks again for checking out my blog... I'm so happy to be making new crocheting friends.


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