Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Steamin' Bowl of Taco Soup Goodness

I made Pammy Sue's  Taco Soup today... oh my goodness, is it delicious!!

The only changes I made were to omit the green peppers (cuz I hate them) and I added another can of beef broth, as my hubby likes his soup really soupy! You really have to try this, it is yummy! On another note, I decided to start over again on the baby blanket... yes, the saga continues! My sister is taking the "Ugh" blanket off my hands, and I have started this one. It is a very easy V-stitch pattern I got off of Lion Brand's website. I needed something I could work up fast, and this looked like it would fit the bill. I have never tried this Bernat Jacquard yarn before, but I love how it does the self-striping to make it look like lazy me changed yarn every row... ha ha!  My plan is to have it done by the end of the weekend. Enjoy the rest of yours :)


  1. wow, that was posted before I even knew Pammy Sue existed in blogland. But I found it want to try it as soon as I get all the ingredients.

  2. I posted another comment but I guess it did not make it. I wanted to thank you for the award. It is an honor to receive this and know that your work is appreciated. I have posted the award to my blog in a second entry today.

  3. The blanket is looking great and I love the concept of yarn that changes colour without having ends to weave in at the end.

  4. Thank you Kate. I love your blog, just became a follower. I love the jug cover you made with the buttons, it is too cute! I made one with beads, but I really like the addition of the buttons.

  5. I love taco soup! It's one of the family's favorites and I try to make it at least once each winter when we can all get together. I don't like green peppers either but I do like the red ones and so I put them in. It makes it really pretty too.

    Love the next blanket. I like doing the V-stitch. Next time you use it, try using two colors. The last I made was blue and white and I used blue every 4th row (I think). It looked like rick-rack. And you are right, it really does work up fast.

    I'm glad you like my new blog template -- gosh, I wonder WHY? It couldn't be the sunflowers, could it?


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