Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Purses and Bags and Totes ... Oh My!!

Recently I decided I wanted to try to crochet a purse, bag or tote for myself, so I ordered some books from Amazon. All three of them arrived today! Here they are:

Many thanks to Teresa of Diddle Daddle Designs for telling me about the 100 Purses book.


Yes, I know it's called "Hip Knits" but it has some neat crochet patterns in it.
Here is one:

Neat looking Granny Square Tote!

From the Hooked Bags book I already spied this one:

and this one:

From the 100 Bags book, check these out:

Guess you know what my next project(s) will be!!

I sent my sister a picture of her finished lapghan and she really liked it.. well, her exact words were "Oh my its bee-u-tee-ful, I love it!!" 

Off to watch American Idol .... will work on the baby blanket while I watch!


  1. You will be kept busy with all of those bags. I have the one book but need to check into the others. Thanks for the heads up. Congratulations on the blog. It looks wonderful.

  2. Wow you are so talented! I'm gonna start following your blog. Come on over and visit mine when you have time!

  3. Did you get my email with the Sun Daze and Frilly Flower patterns? I sent it a couple of days ago.

  4. I just got it and sent you a reply.. thanks so very much, I really appreciate it. I guess I need to clean out my in box more often! :)

  5. OOoohhh I like the felted bags and the grannies. How fun!


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